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Custom Manufacturing


National Corrosion is capable of custom fabrication working with a variety of materials. Many of our machines are built in-house in our own machine shop. Our industrial CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) milling machine was designed and built from the ground up with a fully welded steel table, rack and pinion design, with an accuracy of 0.005236” per step.

Some of our manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Welded steel fabrication of junction box, rectifier racks and stands.
  • Shop blasting, painting and coating services.
  • CNC milling and engraving of phenolic, aluminum, and wood.
  • Fabricating custom crates and wood forms for casting concrete footings and sleds.
  • Bending rebar and cutting up to ½” thick steel.
  • Fabricating wire counters, pneumatic crimpers, and wire spoolers.
  • Engraved and drilled junction box panel boards and test panels.
  • Design and fabrication of anode sleds
  • Mass production of pre-stripped jumper bonds and custom length spools of wire.