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The ION SHIELD is a durable long-life permanent copper copper-sulfate reference electrode that works in environments where other reference electrodes fail.

Our engineers have been testing permanent reference cells for over a decade. What we observed over the course of testing was that we would encounter many reference cells that fail and must be replaced in as little as 1 or 2 years. Rather than rely on what the market had to offer, we invested in the development of our own reference cell, which we call the ION SHIELD. 

Our innovative reference cell utilizes a durable ion exchange membrane that acts as a barrier to keep copper sulfate inside the reference cell and keep chlorides and other contaminates out of the reference cell. Our selective ion membrane was chosen for a low membrane resistance in soil, as well as resist hydrocarbons, oxidizing agents (chlorine) and extreme PH levels. The Ion Shield is a double membrane, wicked, and bagged reference cell.

Below are some features of our reference cell:

  • Our cotton bags are built in-house made with 100% cotton 7oz canvas duck sewn with 50 lb nylon on a 5-thread serger.
  • We use laboratory grade backfill for our cell that is free of sodium sulfate and each reference cell is hand tamped and backfilled using an air assisted hopper.
  • Our reference cells use 99.9% pure copper elements with PVC housing construction.
  • Our wick is 100% synthetic and made from a durable polymer. The wick minimizes moisture migration from our gelled reference cell which prolongs the usefulness of our reference cell in dry environments.
  • Reference cell lead wires are flux free soldered and epoxy potted for strength. Wire insulation, color and lengths are fully customizable.
  • Over 700 ION SHIELDs have been installed throughout the united states.
  • Our reference cells were designed from the ground up to virtually eliminate CuSO4 leaching, chloride leaching, and pass dry-out tests.


  • Service Life: 30 years
  • Shelf Life: 5 years
  • Surface Area: 175 sq. in.
  • Weight: ±8 pounds
  • Stability: ±10 mV
  • Working Temperature: 32° F to 120° F
  • Lead Wire: Custom (e.g. #14 AWG RHW)

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